Loo Break: The craze for nut milks: a surprising pitfall but an easy way out...

The health and wellness trend is in full force. Nut milk as a substitute to dairy has become all the rage. When this happens companies often jump on the bandwagon all trying to sell us their version and they’re not all good. This article is a look at this and some things to be aware of particularly if you’re trying to be pregnant, are pregnant or have a small person. Finally we talk about making smarter choices when it comes to this craze.

Dairy is a bit of a funny and even contentious one. It is ok for some people, not ok for others. Generally speaking I am not a huge advocate (unless you have a genuine intolerance or issue) of eliminating an entire food group from my diet. Often this in itself can have unintended consequences.

I am however, all about smarter choices within food groups.

This is particularly important with dairy and its alternatives:

Some people argue that dairy is inflammatory. Click here to be reminded why this isnt something you want. The science is mixed. However, like anything in life, an excess is not ideal and is especially bad if you factor in the articifical hormones/antibiotics that are routinely now added to cattle and therefore dairy products. Particularly bad if you’re trying to concieve and grow a healthy baby.

Personally I include dairy in my diet, although I have reduced my intake and always go for organic. That being said, especially when I cant find organic I replace a lot of my dairy consumption with nut milk.

However - switching and finding alternatives can come with its own pitfalls. Nut milk is no exception and can have its own set of issues:

The food producers have of course cottoned on to the fact that we are looking for alternatives and have jumped on the ‘healthy alternative bandwagon’. Go to any supermarket or coffee shop and you will now find a plethora of options. From almond milk to soy milk, cashew milk and even Tiger milk (not really from Tigers….!). Sadly however these are often full of other unwanted ingredients - sweetners or even soy (even when it is labelled another nut). Not what you want.

On top of that, the trouble with too much Soy is that it is a natural phytoestrogen - not what you want if you’re trying to make your hormones as balanced as possible. Artificial sweeteners are absolutely not what you want either - playing havoc with many areas of the body.

What to do?

There are one or two excellent brands which literally have the nut, water and a pinch of salt only. My favourite is Replenish. However, I also love to make my own and it is honestly SUPER easy. If I can do it (the world’s worst chef) I promise you can.

Here’s all you need to know:

Step One: take the nut of your choice (I personally love Hazelnut for a creamy taste)

Step Two: soak overnight in some water.

Step Three: rinse off thoroughly

Step Four: one part nut to three part water in a blender and add a pinch of salt

Step Five: Blend for a minute or two - give it a good go!

Step Six: pour through a muslin which separates the liquid from the remaining nut pieces.

Step Seven: Enjoy!


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