HOW TO: a toddler friendly way to reduce inflammation and boost the gut

We are firmly dedicated, not only to understanding what the science suggests is the best way to support a baby’s development during pregnancy, breastfeeding and the early years, but also making this easy to implement into real life. No good knowing all of the science if there is nothing you can do about it!

We know that inflammation is increasingly being identified as one of the root causes of many modern chronic diseases, we also know that modern life creates more chance for it to develop - click here for more. We also know that one path to inflammation is a gut that is not functioning as it should, particularly one where the filter mechanism is not working, allowing things that should be excreted out of the body instead to pass through into the blood supply.

Finally we know that you really are what you eat, and we also know that the gut microbiome can be altered in as little as 24 hours by what you eat - click here for more.

Below is a quick and easy, toddler friendly way to incorporate a load of goodies in one go that will get you well on the way to reducing inflammation and supporting you/your baby’s gut. We also know that when it comes to babies and toddlers, sometimes the good stuff has to be well hidden!

What you need:

Organic Kale or a leafy Green vegetable of your choice plus finely chopped red onion

Meat Stock - click here for all you need to know on the gut boosting science/how to make it

Half an avocado

Organic Brown Rice

Squeeze of organic lemon juice

How to put it all together:

We always have a pot of meat stock ready for the week ahead, or one in the freezer - once again click here for how to prepare. There is science behind the ability of this in particular to support the filter mechanism of the gut. You simply take this and add in filtered water and bring to the boil. Next, you add in the organic brown rice (you want two parts water to one part rice). Then simmer until the rice has cooked through.

Meanwhile, you cut up chicken or some oily fish (ideally as low down the food chain as possible) click here for why this can be so beneficial to a baby’s development, some avocado, finely chop up some kale/leafy green and mix into the rice with a squeeze of lemon. Hey presto! Lots of goodies and all pretty well hidden.

The Science as to why is this such a powerful meal:

Well the meat stock as above has been shown to be a powerful source of key amino acids that have been shown to help the endothelial cells which make up the gut’s lining/filter. When it comes to green leafy vegetables (which lets face it often have to be hidden for a small person to want to know) and the onions provide a good source of prebiotic fibre which not only feed the existing bacteria in our gut but also aid production of what is known as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) click here for more on why these are the heroes in the fight against inflammation. if you can add some small white fish then we get even more of a boost with the addition of DHA or Omega 3 - click here for how this also packs a powerful punch against inflammation and aids in brain development. Avocado also contains Omega 3 - even better, plus the fat helps the body absorb the key nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are fat soluble as well as Folate. Once again click here for why this is a much better source than Synthetic Folic Acid. Finally you have addition dietary fibre from the brown rice. Tasty and beneficial!