Loo Break: Five ways to build the foundation for conception and a healthy baby

Ok so in short - the science says that one way to concieve a healthy baby is by getting your gut sorted (click here to nerd out on the science if you fancy). If you’re like me however and you’re on board with this, but dont have a lot of time to spend geeking out - here are the quick down and dirty top five ways to do that:

ONE: It’s all about what you eat - the science says that you can change the bacteria in your gut (the microbiota) in as little as 24 hours by what you eat (click here for more in depth on that). Step one is to stay away from processed foods and added sweetners as this is likely to bring imbalance. Especially if eaten repeatedly. This may seem obvious but remember they are often hidden even in ‘healthy’ packaged food (these marketing pests are my absolute pet peeve). It is so simple: eat whole, real foods and if it has more than three ingredients on the packet - put it back.

TWO: One of the things we do know about what constitutes a healthy gut is that diversity of the bacteria within it matters. How do you achieve that? Once again - surprisingly simple (and backed by science) simply eat a more diverse range of food. Not too difficult (unless you’re like me - a creature of habit and then it takes a bit of getting used to).

THREE: you probably know this but fermented foods are your (and your gut’s) friend. Think pickles, Kombucha (although watch out as it can have some alcohol in so read the label), Kimchi and my favourite (good with an organic sausage) Sauerkraut. Live organic natural yogurt also is a favourite (although I would avoid the ‘specialist’ labelled probiotic ones that are often packed full of sweeters and other preservatives which often defeats the purpose….marketing pests back again…)

FOUR: antibiotics. So we know that the spate of doctors over prescribing them has caused a whole host of issues - our gut health being one, but sometimes you have no choice. However what you do have a choice on is meat, fish and milk which are now often pumped full of them. Pretty gross that this happens but alas the practise has become quite widespread. Just buy organic and wild - I would rather eat less of better quality than more that is pumped with this rubbish. Also, being overly clean (except in the first three months of a baby’s life) is also detrimental and has been linked to issues such as the rise in allergies. Say goodbye to antibiotic hand wash. Soap and water does just fine.

FIVE: other gut friendly foods: meat stock (which i personally prefer to bone broth) gentle, tasty and super useful (I use mine as a base for everything). It has key amino acids within to help the gut do its job filtering what goes in to our body. The other is prebiotic foods (think high fibre) which sadly the modern diet is lacking in. These feed the existing microbes that we have - get on board with those as they also fill you up and prevent overeating (bonus!).

There you go. Not too hard and your body and baby will thank you for it.


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