Why Better Babies?

You may be wondering why with the masses of resource available on conception, pregnancy and first year of life you should bother with this one?

The answer: I was and am you.

I started out on my own journey with only one goal in mind - to have a healthy baby.

However, I found trouble with three things:

Firstly, I realised that the world we now live in throws many new issues at that process - issues that didnt exist even just fifty years ago and issues we are not generally talking about. Issues that our children (or lack of) are now starting to pay the price.

Secondly, I found the material available to help me navigate this most vulnerable time largely unevolved, confusing, at times alarming (thats what happens when we Google our ‘concerns’!) and even conflicting. Most of it was not backed in what I value the most: the latest peer reviewed medical research and science.

Finally, I was so overwhelmed and vulnerable, I went along with things told to me by people in positions of authority. Things that later I realised I should have questioned (even things I was told by highly respected medical professionals).

There is a lot I know now (after several years of research) that I wish I had known earlier….

I just wasn’t sure what I could really trust.

For me: when it comes to a time like this, trust is key. Particularly when it comes to conception, pregnancy and having a baby. Surely one of the most exciting, but nerve-wracking, uncertain and out of control periods of your life. This is why we go looking for the latest science and medical research, peer reviewed and published in the leading global journals and publications. Research which typically takes between 10–15 years to be applied in practise.It is also why we compiled a board of open minded experts who each give their perspective from their own field of specialty but mindful that although they have an area of specialism we have to start looking at the whole picture.

There are of course plenty of people and resources out there to help you (be it your family, friends, doctors, antenatal classes etc.). However, this has its limits. Often when we are feeling vulnerable there is a temptation to simply trust the knowledge and information of those who ‘know more than you do’. Its hard to question things when we are so unsure ourselves.

The trouble is that a lot of the advice that is given these days has not changed much over the last fifty years but the world we live in has… and very considerably. The other fact is that people tend to give advice from their own viewpoint and with their own agendas in mind - consciously or not. I was certainly a victim of that.

We need more….

When I started on my own journey to have a baby I realised that not only did I have more challenges than ‘normal’ (I am in my 30s and had an undetected hormonal issue, plus family histories of autism, ADHD, anxiety and allergies), I realised that I wasn’t alone in facing challenges.

In fact, had I become the new normal?

More people than ever are being impacted by the same factors I was:

  • We are having children later on average

  • We have more hormonal imbalance than ever before

  • More people are being affected by PCOS (which 50% of sufferers don't even know they have - I was one of them) and Endometriosis: both of which adversely affect fertility.

  • Sperm counts are dropping dramatically and globally

  • There are higher rates of neurological and developmental problems (think ADHD, severe anxiety, autism etc.) and autoimmune conditions (severe allergies and intolerances etc.) than ever before.

What makes me qualified to give you advice?

Well firstly, nothing here is opinion, preconceptions or defending a view. Instead, it is all about curating the latest hard scientific and clinical research findings, translating them in to ‘English’, and using it to help us become more aware and proactive. To reduce the risks where we can. I have also collected a group of experts: The Better Babies Board - click for more, a group of leading expert thinkers also committed to using science to think differently about how we approach modern conception, pregnancy and early years.

For me it is all about intention. This was born simply out of my own desire to concieve and have a healthy baby. You cant get much purer than that. I had no preconceptions and no approach to defend. I was simply aware of the fact that we have a new set of challenges which are not really being addressed. I just wanted real, tangible science-based answers and practical things I could do to improve my position. So, I decided to use the skills I have acquired from nearly fifteen years of investment banking (trawling through technical research!), plus, the year of study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC to plough through medical journals, research and tap in to the smartest most forward thinking minds to collect and find a path to achieving that goal.

Two years and one baby boy later this is it.

What I learnt:

The most important thing for me, is that there are a lot of little things we can do that dont have to be difficult, costly or time consuming. Being aware of these things is the first step.

This site has one intention and one intention only: to identify and bring awareness to the real, but often less publisised, risks to our ability to have a healthy baby and to provide you with ways to avoid or to do things better. All backed by science. After that it is up to you.

I passionately believe this information should be easily digestible and widely available to everyone, so - here it is!

Rule number one? It's time to take matters into your own hands. Question everything! Including me! (Feel free to reach out: sarah@betterbabies.com and follow me @sarahbetterbabies on instagram).


This article is for informational purposes only. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. The information on this website has been developed following years of personal research and from referenced and sourced medical research. Before making any changes we strongly recommend you consult a healthcare professional before you begin.